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Internal Dispute Resolution

A complaint against management can be lodged verbally or in writing to the Village Manager during office hours. If the complaint is of an urgent nature, calls to the Village Manager outside office hours are permitted.

Disputes between residents can be lodged with the Village Manager verbally or in writing.


The dispute can also be lodged firstly through the resident committee or at the same time as being lodged with the Village Manager.

Following the lodgement of the complaint/dispute:

1. An acknowledgment of the complaint/dispute will be sent in writing by the Village   Manager and/or Residents Committee within 5 working days

2. A record of the complaint/dispute will be kept in the office

3. A meeting will be held between the manager and each party separately to establish the
dispute from each party. A fair resolution will be attempted with the consent of both parties


4. Parties may choose to have representation present during the resolution process

5. If the dispute relates to the Village Manager the complaint can be escalated to the   operator, Maxims Dural.

6. If a resolution cannot be reached the parties will be offered the Fair Trading of NSW
Complaints Service, mediation or arbitration.


7. Mediation will be referred to the Fair Trading of NSW, a free service.

8. Arbitration will be referred to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). A small   fee may apply.

9. The process aims to be resolved within 60 days and throughout the process an expected
resolution date will be given and updated regularly.

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